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Training Youths for a Better Future

East Cheshire South Manchester Wing ATC accepts cadets to dive into a series of training where they can learn more about aviation. All of our cadets had great training with fun adventures that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives. The time spent on training is a great investment for the youth of our generation. The great part of all this, parents don’t need to spend lots of money to provide a great training environment for their children. No matter hard you look, you cannot find online shops voucher codes that offer the same value as we do. Your child will understand responsibility, leadership, and basics to advance aviation. If they choose to join the airforce, we are sure that they will get all the skills to perform their duties impeccably.

Conditions To Join:

East Cheshire South Manchester Wing ATC doesn’t discriminate, however; we make sure that all of our cadets are at the right age to undergo training. They should be physically and mentally fit to complete the training. These conditions are written to ensure their safety during the training. Your child is your most wonderful treasure, so it is our duty to ensure their safety while training them to be responsible citizens.

Your child has to be at least in 8th grade. We allow cadets to join the training who are at the age of 13 to 17 years old.

Complete the following forms: Health consent form paediatrician and parents consent form.